Egypt Event Travel Guide For Every Month

Egypt is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, and it can be very entertaining. In fact, you can enjoy various festivities for just about any month of the year. To illustrate this point, here’s a handy Egypt monthly event travel guide to help you schedule your Egyptian holiday.

  • January. Of course, New Year’s celebrations can be fun here too. But the real festivities of the month are on January 7. That’s the day when the Coptic Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. So on this day, you have lots of celebrations, street fairs, and dancing in the streets.
  • February. This month is for the Abu Simbel festival, and the Abu Simbel Temple is perhaps the most famous Egyptian landmark next to the pyramids themselves. It was built by Rameses II between 1279 and 1213 B.C.

Abu Simbel Festival

Abu Simbel festival

At sunrise on February 21 (Rameses II’s birthday), the light slowly creeps into the inner sanctum of the temple. It shines upon all the statues there, which makes them resemble the gods themselves. But the mystery here is that the light somehow doesn’t shine on the statue of Ptah, who is the god of darkness. How this statue was left in the shadows remains a mystery.

  • April. This month celebrates the coming of spring, and the festival is known as Shem al Nessim. The actual date changes each year, but it’s the 1st Monday after the Coptic Easter. During this day, streets are filled with dancing, music, and bazaars, while people also go on picnics in parks, in the countryside, and along the Nile.
  • May. This is the month of the South Sinai Camel Festival, which celebrates the national animal of the country. People get to watch (or even participate in) camel races. Now, this may pique your interest because you think they just amble along. But they can go by really fast. In the famed tourist resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, you’ll find the speediest and the bumpiest camel races in the whole country.

South Sinai Camel Festival

South Sinai Camel Festival

  • June. At this time you have the Leylet en-Nuktah, which celebrates the Nile and its importance to the people of Egypt. While the ancients celebrated this festival with the sacrificial offerings of girls and women, nowadays the people just party in the streets or go to the edge of the Nile for picnics and rides.

This month is also for Evacuation Day, which commemorates the formation of the Republic in 1953 and the removal of foreign troops in 1956.

  • August. Egypt holds its Arts Festival during this month, and it’s the most impressive art festival in the entire Arab world. It lasts for an entire week in Ismailia, and you get to enjoy lots of folk art from Asia, Africa, and Europe.
  • October. The Armed Forces Day celebrated during this month commemorates the day when the Egyptian forces crossed the Suez Canal during the war with Israel in 1973.

Also, there’s another Abu Simbel festival this month. This time, it’s to celebrate the coronation of Rameses II.

Bairam Feast

  • November. This month marks the Bairam Feast, which is the end of Ramadan.
  • December. The entire month is a period of celebration as the Christmas holiday approaches.

Of course, some months like March and September aren’t mentioned. That’s because this is the time when you visit the Pyramids! Seriously, though, here’s hoping this Egypt monthly event travel guide helps you schedule your travel plans to this wonderful country.